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Here’s an event that made me look: DelveUI: A 2-Day Masterclass on Designing (Web) User Interfaces. Think of Delve as the antidote to the bloated conference experience. Basically small, affordable & frequent vs. overwhelming, occasional & costly. Each DELVE consists of a series of masterclasses conducted by expert practitioners, authors and thinkers of the biggest topics facing those of us who design and develop for digital, interactive spaces. Fantastic!

(thank you rob)

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  1. I love to go, but it costs $595.00. Who can afford to go? I know, it’s definitely not for unemployed artists.

  2. Why is it that “affordable” gets applied to everything these days?
    And, when I read something described as “affordable” I can almost guarantee that it won’t actually be something I can afford.

    $600 for a 2-day course is not affordable. It might a good value (depending on the quality of education), but it is certainly not affordable for the average person.

    This is especially absurd since the $600 price tag is as (or more) expensive than many full conferences. So, it looks like their entire proposed mission is a misfire.

    If they dropped a zero & made it $60 — now THAT would be affordable.