Porcelain Canisters

Porcelain Canisters

I am in love with the “Daily Aesthetics” collection that gets its inspiration by everyday food containers.

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  1. Please can you tell me the manufactor so I can do searching here in Germany. Thanks.

  2. These blow away my tired canisters!

  3. I am really enjoying this trend of porcelain representations of paper/discardable/invaluable items. We’ve all seen porcelain Starbucks cups, milk cartons (thank you, swissmiss), Chinese take-out cartons, and crushed soda cans… But there are so many ideas left to try!

    Someone please attempt: (A) porcelain folded newspaper hats, (B) Porcelain ant traps, (C) porcelain tax forms, (D) porcelain surgical masks, and (E) porcelain sporks. Thank you.