Clayheads, I love them.

A Powerstrip You Don’t Want To Hide

I am researching powerstrips for my cowowrking space FRIENDS and stumbled upon these. Beautiful and practical and a little old-school. I am into it.

Modern Danish Knife Block

Loving this modern Danish knife block.

Hay Office Chair

I love this office chair by Hay.

Glossy White Crawl Glaze Mug

This glossy white crawl glaze hand-made mug made me look. Oddly beautiful.

Hidden Storage Drawer

A tiny peel and stick Hidden Storage Drawer. Smart.

Please Be My Desk

This aesthetic! Gah! Georg stool and desk, please be mine!

Serving Tray

Yes, there is a global pandemic happening but looking at this this minimal, beautifully designed serving tray gives me so much temporary peace of mind. Indulge me, please.

Claude Cloud Cushion

Hey Claude, I fancy you. You would look good on my couch.


There is a pandemic happening in the world and I am posting about a good looking pitcher. Is everything weird now?

Ziggy Stardust Cat Bed

Calling all David Bowie fans: Check out this Ziggy Stardust Cat Bed. GAH!


I have fallen in love with Blacksaw Blankets. Check their brand video to learn more about this lovely Canada based company.

Nocturn Catch

This beautiful Walnut catch-all by Craighill would look good in my home.

No Ordinary Apartment

This floating desk situation and the overall feel of this space are making me swoon. Designed by Annabell Kutucu.

Felt Underbed Storage Bins

These felt storage bins by Get Open Space are beautiful.

Nude Bottom Planter

This nude bottom planter by group partner made me smile.

Story Planter

This freestanding planter situation has me swoon! Comes in white and black.

Obu Jewelry Stand

Wow. Now that’s a Sculptural Jewelry Stand I can get behind.

Stainless Steel Camping Tray

I find this Stainless Steel Camping Tray quite beautiful. Wouldn’t mind using it at home.

Curved Bench

This curved bench by Kristina Dam makes me swoon. Also comes in a smaller side table format.

Incense Holder

This is a refreshing design of an incense holder.

Only Love Banner

Yes to this message. Only love. Banner by Rayo and Honey.

(I asked what small shops/makers I should support. This was one of the suggestions.)


Traditionally seen decorating colourful trucks in Northern India and Rajasthan, these black, tassel, pom-poms, hang from truck mirrors and are believed to protect the drivers from the evil-eye and ward of bad luck while on the road. I want them for my home, on doorknobs, mirrors, over the door.

(I asked on Instagram what small shops I should support. This was one of the suggestions, by Anna Dorfman)

Dome Bookends

Yes please.