Hay Outdoor Dining Table Set

I rarely see outdoor furniture that makes my heart sing, but HAY’s Palissade’s Outdoor Set did.

A few months ago I ordered it it, unseen, nervous whether I would like the feel of it. I am happy to report the material is AMAZING! And, the entire set is super sturdy and visually pleasing. (For those of you who don’t like to sit on no-back-support-benches, you can also get chairs!)

May it last for a LONG time!

Ceramic Berry Bowl Colander

These Ceramic Berry Bowl Colanders will make your cut fruit happy. Don’t we all want happy fruit?

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

In case you’re on the lookout for a hammock, look no further: Yellow Leaf Hammocks! I own two of this exact style and I leave them outside all summer. Through rain and all, they stay perfectly nice. I don’t even understand how that is possible. They are stylish AND comfortable.

Bulb Clear Vase

I wish Unison Home would show this Bulb Vase with a flower in it or an avocado pit growing. Anyways, I like it.

Eco Huey Throw

Come to me you beautiful Eco Huey Throw. (Also available in red.)

Levitating Moon Lamp

I bought my daughter a Levitating Moon Lamp and we both agree it’s MAGICAL. (It took us a moment to get it to levitate but once we figured out the trick it clicked.)

Cylinder Floor Lamp

Hello there you beautiful, Danish Cylinder Floor Lamp.

Luka TV Stand by Castlery

A few months ago I became the proud owner of a Luka TV Stand by Castlery. Look at this beauty! I admit, I might be tipping a bit in the obsessive side of things as I caught myself saying hi to Luka when I walk in. Or, when we watch TV I often state out loud to my kids “Isn’t Luka handsome?” I love him.

(All furniture should have human names.)

Doodle Placemat

I can’t get over how cool this Doodle Placemat is! WOW! Wishlisted!

(Would go great with James Victore’s Doodle Tattly!)

Bear Shaped Cotton Throw

I love you, Bear Shaped Cotton Throw.

Stockholm Lover

Hell there, Stockholm Lover, you would look beautiful in my home. I shall wishlist you.

Indoor / Outdoor Planters

Loving these indoor/outdoor planters.

NíLE Candles Yin Yang

Hello there, beautiful candles. (Also available in colors)

Rove Side Table

Hello there, Rove Side Table, by Kenyon Yeh. You beautiful! (Also comes in white)

Cloud Pillow

Why are you sold out, you beautiful Oeuf Cloud Pillow?

Minimalist Toilet Paper Stand

Gah, this is a stunning, minimalist toilet paper stand.

Mercado Floor Baskets


Omnia Lamp

Omnia lamp made me look.

Minimalist Glow Candlelight

Oh, this is an elegant design of an LED ‘candle’. (I wish they showed it when not on!)

Melt Mirror

Bower Studios keep delivering fresh ideas. Love the sculptural quality of their Melt Mirrors.

Shitaku Lemon Squeezer

This simple porcelain lemon juicer was made in Hasami, a small town in Nagasaki Prefecture, known as the birthplace of fine Japanese ceramics. So simple. So beautiful.

Teak Black Stool

Love this minimal Teak Black Stool.

Black Dip Mug

Can you fall in love with a mug? Yes you can! I got a few of these CB2 mugs and I can’t get over how beautiful they are and how good they feel. They have an incredibly smooth finish.

Rialto Storage Bench

Hello there Rialto, storage bench of my dreams. Please come into my life.