Porcelain Milk Jug

Milk Container

It’s time our office gets a presentable milk container for when clients come and we have coffee at our conference table. I see a purchase of this Porcelain Milk Jug in my near future.

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  1. Awesome. I want one. But it seems so plain; Tina, you should have Ella paint the sides.

  2. There’s also a really nice glass one here: http://www.worldwidefred.com/halfpint.htm

    I can’t believe people didn’t think of these sooner. They’re so cool!

  3. plain is why its so good!! Ella don’t paint the sides! white as milk !

  4. copy!
    I’ve seen this many years ago at a Helsinki design shop by a Finnish designer! and the Finnish one looks much more elegant, this is thick and clumsy…

  5. on its own, its a great-looking piece of design. but in context of your thoughts for its potential use in your office, i think it’s brilliant.

  6. Kris – that one indeed more elegant. Thanks for sharing :)