andrew maynard architects

andrew maynard architects

How incredibly surprising is this stairs/kitchen surface integration?

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  1. just don’t take a left on an early morning

  2. But do you really want people walking on your kitchen counter? Ew.

  3. Hey, I’m wokkin’ here!

  4. my mum would never approve of it:

    there’s no such thing as feet on the table in our house :o)

  5. just the dust from sweeping alone… ew.. looks nice but ew…

  6. No handrail>

  7. yum, dirt seasoning.

  8. Just another example of architects compelled to design homes that look super in photos and have nothing to do with living an ordinary human life.

    Who lives in these spaces? Anal-compulsives with a double dose of Asperger Syndrome?

  9. no feets on table please

  10. talk about foot in mouth!

  11. I can’t find it now, but when this house was first published in 2007, I saw photos of the photoshoot.

    Basically all the family’s personal belongings were emptied out and stacked in the alley so that the stuff of daily life wouldn’t mess with the perfection of the architecture.

    It was pretty hilarious, but also a slap in the face, making me wonder how much I’m jonesing on a space, and how much I’m just thinking I really oughta stop surfing and clean my house.

  12. They look slippery even without any butter/oil/etc that always seems to be on my counter.

  13. It looks like there’s some sort of screen between the kitchen and the top section of stairs? And there’s a good distance to the stove and main preparation countertop. I like the intersectedness of it.

  14. Andrew Maynard is a really innovative Australian architet. His designs are not for the closed minded. I like how he challenges the conventionality of everyday life. More of us should be brave enough to push what the majority say is the right way of doing things.

  15. All i focus on is the kitchen sink located arms length away from a persons foot. AKA water + foot = SLIP and CRASH!

    or a nice foot bath. :)

    I applaud the effort… but kitchens and feet should not be mixed.
    at least the stove top isnt near the stairs. good job on eliminating that possible injury. haha!