Your old phone can do good

Hope Phones

Hope Phones takes recycled phones and puts them to work on the front lines of global health. Donate yours to a medical clinic in a developing country today. If you’re in NYC, come and drop by your old phone at my studio as I ordered the shipping material for up to 50 phones. Or, get your own collection materials to start a collection campaign!

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  1. Greetings from Neno, Malawi! I’m working with Partners in Health and the Ministry of Health to assure your generosity is put to good use.

    Many thanks for setting up the collection site and posting this! It means a lot.

    Best wishes,

    Josh Nesbit

  2. Glad you wrote about this. I recently found HopePhones and used our company’s electronic recycling drive to donate about 35 phones (phones, blackberry’s, PDA’s, etc).