Twelve South Created BackPack, a sturdy, sleek looking shelf designed exclusively to attach to the back of iMac and Apple Cinema Displays. This handy little piece of heavy gauge steel is perfectly sized to hold hard drives, USB peripherals or even a Mac mini. You can use the perforated base to tie up that web of cables lurking behind your Mac.

Genius! Backpack gets 2 swissmiss thumbs up!

(via noquedanblogs)

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  1. elegant all round. check their logo.

  2. LIke it just need to get a MAc desktop to go with it

  3. keep the desk tidy, use the structure that’s there. nice!

  4. The one issue is the premium price that this device is being sold for. I like it’s idea; but for $35 Canadian/$30 USD is abit much. It’s nice and all; but not necessary.

  5. Manufacturing isn’t cheap, especially when you’re not like Walmart making 80,000 units.

    I’m more into their BookArc Macbook stand though…

  6. That’s pretty cool, wonder if there’s enough space for my audio interface…