The last year of Polaroid film

Grant Hamilton posted a teaser for his upcoming Polaroid Documentary called TIME ZERO: the last year of Polaroid film. Wonderful.

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  1. Wonderful! I look forward to it. I know of a company that has moved into one of the old Polardoid factories and is now using the very same equipment to make flexible solar panels. Rather poetic. Both products using light in very different ways.

  2. what a great little trailer. I’m excited to see the film… so many great Polaroid memories.

  3. So evocative. I have distinct memories of grandfather keeping an eye on his wristwatch, counting the seconds until it was safe to peel off the black plastic layer hiding the photograph. And I also remember shaking Polaroids “like a Polaroid picture.”

  4. You may be cheered by the fact that The Impossible Project is becoming less and less impossible, they were able to produce the first stable instant film image a few weeks ago:

    Grant was recently there filming the factory and interviewing the man behind the operation (Florian Kaps)

  5. Thank you for posting for us photogs.

    I saw this today and thought of you.
    you maybe already aware of it…just watch what happens with the products for sale. Don’t clik just watch for a few seconds.

  6. Very nice trailer, looks promising. Made me instantly interested in the document.

  7. Made me want to cry. I loved Polaroid.

  8. Would have been slightly better had Myriad not been used! Looked like an Apple commercial at the end.
    Very nontraditional trailer—no clips from the movie. I wonder if they just haven’t gotten around to shooting any footage yet.

  9. Jeez James…4 comments up it correctly states that I was just in Enschede at the factory conducting interviews…

    To the rest of you, I sincerely thank you for the nice words and support. I’ve been overwhelmed by the emotion that this project has stirred.


  10. Can’t wait for this, I re-discovered polaroid last year (bought a 680 from ebay recently, it’s fantastic!) after using it in art college.

    It’s such a shame that the factory has finished production, hopefully it can be saved.


  11. this is gonna be amazing, watching it dev up, tears appear, it would be a great one liner in the doco for a plastic digy experience noob to say to his mate ”You have to wait” and it looks all kinda spooky coooool, ask Matt Groening to animate this with Bart…Go Son Go….peter bainbridge

  12. I heard polaroid is coming back!? They are making film again by a different company?

  13. These guys are re-launching polaroid and they’ve hired all the old team, so cool, they say their not only bringing it back their investing in ways to actually make it better, three cheers for ”The Impossible project”