BigBelly Trash Compactors

Big Belly Trash Compactors could make a huge impact in today’s garbage and recycling in big cities, like New York. The coolest part: It has a wireless notification system that will tell a control center when it needs to be picked up. Geeky stuff. Love it!

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  1. they have these in philly. i was so amazed when i saw one for the first time! they hold and compact so much trash it’s amazing.

  2. oh duh. sorry, i commented before watching the video, i was so excited!

  3. Definitely nothing for Boston. People here aren’t organized enough. We have a couple in our neighbor hood, and they’re ALWAYS full. You don’t even want to get me there …

  4. Couldn’t love it any more! So smart! Cheers, Ms. Tina!

  5. Remember seeing these in Copenhagen this summer. Smart stuff, didn’t know they sent a signal when they were full – the feature of compressing the trash using solar power was enough to impress me. :)

  6. Two thumbs up! We could definitely use these in Kansas City

  7. Had these at Arizona State University for well over a year. I believe they were tested here.

  8. I am an advocate writer for the homeless researching big bellys, because news of them has reached Eugene, and it looks like a good idea that will happen, sooner or later as budgets tighten. It will have unintended consequences for the can & bottle collectors of the streets.

    These machines, while good for what they are designed to do, will hurt homeless recyclers, who greatly depend on incone from cans and bottles found in open containers.

    However, if used properly by public, the homeless (or gulls, pigons, etc.) will not have to rumage through garbage, but shouldn’t the cities give some recycle money, or savings to charity?

    Although I am very impressd with their advertised advantages, I believe that since cities are in effect taking from, or encouraging consumers to feed the big belly, and keeping the poor from having them, that the scrap value of collected recycling should go to fund homeless shelter options for them.