Czech Magnet Set

Czech Magnet Set

If you live in GB and have a little one, do yourself a favor and snag this set of wooden magnets, produced in Czechoslovakia in the 70s. What a fantastic gift! (Sombebody (Melissa & Doug??) should reproduce a similar toy, I’d buy it for Ella!)

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  1. We had a toy like this in the USSR, too :)

  2. Wow ! I used to have the exact same kit when I was a kid. I remember spending countless hours playing with this toy. Apparently we also had it in Canada…

  3. i bought it
    it will make a great gift
    for an expecting mother and father
    whom i am visiting in berlin in october

  4. Adults should play with these too.

  5. We have Melissa and Doug think with similar shapes but it’s not magnetic, come over and play!

  6. These magnets are still produced in the Czech Republic. See or specifically

  7. i used to play with those when i was little child.

  8. Gorgeous! I have a magnetic theatre the box of which is similar in design – I think they may have been made by the same company.