Notebook & Pencil Socks


AshiDashi means “stick out your feet” in Japanese. Guess it makes sense with these designs, doesn’t it? AshiDashi Notebook & Pencil Socks.

(via ignant)

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  1. Aren’t they fantastic? I just noticed yesterday that Aussies (and anybody else, presumably, but Aussies particularly!) can buy these from Third Drawer Down (thirddrawerdown dot com – not sure if linking is kosher from the comments).

  2. If I wore those pencil socks, I’d have a hard time not dipping my toes in paint and rdrawing on the ground.

  3. There are more at the ashidashi online store!

  4. And they’re cheaper! :)

  5. I bought both, and when they arrive I will mismatch them and wear one of each, and everyone will be endlessly jealous!! Thanks for sharing!! :-)

  6. Fine Design Thanks

  7. You can also find them for the same price at Sock Dreams

  8. ha! i would have never noticed if I was just looking at them that they represented a notebook and a pencil. the design is clever and fun!

    for the notebook I was expecting some ugly marble design. but was pleasantly surprised

  9. very nice..

    thank you

  10. very very nice…. : )

  11. there some rocking socks you got there. I want a pair

  12. It’s one of the best design i ever seen

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