Goodbyn is the brainchild of a small company in Seattle who had a little idea to reinvent the way kids eat lunch—making lunchtime easier, more inspiring and fun for both kids and parents. All of Goodbyn’s products are manufactured in Michigan at Cascade Engineering.

(thank you katherine for mentioning it over lunch, but not having been able to find it on google. thank you keren for sending me the link!)

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  1. I would by this for myself and I’m 28.. lol :)

  2. 26 and right there with you Andipunk.

  3. You can´t be to old for that. R., 30yrs.

  4. $30? In this economy? Will all the other options out there, including durable zipper cases with straps and insulated packing for cool items? I think designers came up with this while the business people were absent. Two ideas got in the way: Green and design. Green can be achieved in a myriad of ways… I think they overthought this idea. Design is innovative, but how much of this “innovation” is truly, radically necessary? I don’t see a convenient distribution strategy either, and in the world of CPG it’s all about distribution. In today’s market, if it’s not on the shelf at Wal-Mart, it doesn’t have an advantage. Kids are simple.

  5. comment to Joe:

    what is it with the small-town thinking??? no advantage because it’s in wal-mart???? that is just lame.