Memo Block

memo block

This Memo Block by Kakuzai made me look and smile. Wouldn’t mind having one on my desk.

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  1. This is really a nice idea, I could say I really like it, however in 2009 people should think more “green”. I mean this stuff needs a lots of paint , and you can use note softwares on your computer too.

  2. I personally don’t think post-its are ever going away (hopefully, neither are products created by artists). Since we use them anyway, I like the idea of making them fun. Plus, this could be very environmentally friendly if it’s produced with recycled paper…

  3. Yeah, but I can use nice softwares for replacing paper post-its. Like notezilla for example. Main point is that no recycled paper is environmentally friendly, only less harmful than new paper. Any product harms the environment: The fabrication needs power, other materials too, then the packaging, then its transportation, and I was writing my initial post about its painting. Every piece of it is painted…
    I love the idea, would love to have it, I’m just stunned that so few people thinks about the environmental impact of the stuff they like. These are just things we could easily live without, but the pollution is real.

  4. every piece of it is printed on but if they used soy inks it would lessen the environmental impact (i didn’t click though on them to see if they did)

    However, digital post it notes won’t replace normal ones. I am a technology geek but yet i use paper post it notes a lot. I mean, if someone calls on the phone and it is for someone else in the office, i write a note, stick it on their desk, you can’t do that with digital notes. Plus, there is the whole real world to digital disconnection. With real ones i scribble down whatever i want, and it is right in front of me stuck in front of my keyboard. With digital ones, they are somewhere not always visible on your computer, and plus you have to go and type in them i can’t just jot down quick things as i go. If i have ad specs written on a note in front of my keyboard i can use them very easily when setting up my document. With a digital one, i would have to flick back and forth. They just aren’t practical.

  5. oh, and for a comment on the actual memo pad, forgot that…

    I would prefer a lighter wood since the darker wood clashes with the message a bit. I would like it to be easier to read. Especially if you are putting a lot of info on one, and you are using a thinner pen and/or writing smaller.

  6. Hmm, well my post it software supports a feature with you can write notes so that it appears on other people’s desktop, on other machines.
    And I still think we are very very selfish if we think that our convenience is more important than the nature we live in.
    Oh, I can not use them as quickly as paper? Nature can not do anything with the pollution what my convenience causes.

  7. wow! truly beautiful!
    Personally I have never really adapted to desktop post its. I use them for numbers I need to pull up often but in terms of spontaneously jotting things down I much prefer the traditional method.

  8. on screen Stickies all the way, in the words of ‘Hero’s’ save the paper save the world!

  9. I love the woodblock idea. If we thought a little more like William McD, this block would be great, because it could be impregnated with seeds, printed with eco inks, and could either decompose in an anaerobic environment or provide a flower or herb garden once you discard the notes. I can’t wait for that sort of thoughtfulness and ingenuity in design to become mainstream, and a reality.

  10. using the digital post it on the “supergreen” laptop ( which came from across half the world) while drinking wine with more flight miles than percentage per volume and eating a big tasty menu with ketchup (all nicely wrapped in paper) before using the q7 for a little furniture-shopping (of course only of certificated plantation wood was used (guess where the plantation’s located)) will surely reduce our carbon footprint ;o)

    just kidding, i’m as green as it gets: the consumer’s conscience will change the world indeed!

    the hole industry’s just blurring our awareness and distracting from the real problems with stuff like “paper recycling” and “prohibition of bulbs” while they’re wasting our resources and sea and air are getting more and more contaminated.

    by the way: the memo block’s just beautiful

  11. Fab memo block. Technically very accomplished. To think in 3D with print is impressive. I still can’t figure out how it was actually printed, as practically every sheet would have to be slightly different, if the image we see on the sides is actually produced by the image on the face going out to the very edge…
    I understand the green concerns expressed, but I think artists should have the liberty to experiment and create. They can contribute to the solutions we need through their ingenuity and dedication. It’s the industrialized processes that are ruining the world, something we all need to be more aware of. I’m very excited by the concept of design for the environment, where manufacturing processes are conceived so that recyclability/decreased environmental impact is built in from A to Z. Things are changing, just not quickly enough…

  12. you with green concerns should get a life. were all going down, you may as well have a cool memo pad to take with you.

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