Nooka Wallet


I had Matthew, mastermind behind all things NOOKA visit me in my studio a few weeks ago and he showed me his Nooka Asset Organizer (=wallet) which is simply stunning. It’s fabulously rubbery and stretchy. Definitely a great gift!

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  1. hmm…how does it look full of cards, money, etc.? I love that its water-resistant–which most likely means stain free! :)

    -Jane @

  2. hi! What s the price and how can we get this nice wallet?)

  3. I like it a lot, but why doesn’t Nooka have a photo like this on their site. I saw this awhile back but all I could figure out was it had one bug pocket, not separated like in your photo. Which wasn’t as appealing. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ah, but will it demagnetize credit cards? Plastic & rubber store static charge really well.

  5. Looks like a chore to get stuff in and out, and bulky.
    money-band is the ultimate minimal wallet.

  6. Looks pretty sweet and probably indestructible. Wants me one! Yep, in that light blue, please and thanks!.

  7. Yikes! $85 for a belt!!?? A plastic belt??!!

  8. I like the design. Will it make your ass sweat (carrying it in your back pocket)?

  9. I like it! It’s a pity that Nooka does not have a photo like this on their website!

  10. Hmmm. Not so sure about it. rubber… is it recyclable? How much energy is needed to make one of these? It’s new and looks sleek but how good design is it really?

    I don’t want to be a – we Swiss call it “Spielverderber” – spoiler – but please think twice and ask further. It IS possible to make wallets that are as great as this one and leave zero emissions into our air. I do it.

    Yes, I’m an artist and designer too and I happen to make wallets as well. And I’m very concerned about new products. Every creation can be a destruction of something that’s here already (your old wallet, our environment). Sometimes the destruction leads to improvements (electronic cars may make fuel cars extinct), sometimes not (China’s industry i.e. pollution made the river dolphins extinct).

  11. some responses to everyone: thanks for all the comments!

    it is made out of silicone, which is one of earth’s most abundant elements. unlike most synthetic rubbers, it will not degrade into any toxic chemicals.

    i will instruct my web designer to add a photo like this to our website [this one is from my blog].

    for tanja, well i’d suggest you research what percentage of landfill is actually used wallets and then report back :) the best way to help the environment is to not eat beef and not live in a single family house. those are the 2 most detrimental things contributing to global warming and pollution of our water supply.

  12. and, silicone rubber will not store a static charge, so no worries on your cards being demagnetized. been using my prototype for over a year and all’s well! it’s a similar material to what’s used in surgical implants, so no allergic reactions either – perfect for vegans and vegetarians!

  13. Looks a little corny… I just upgraded from a rubber band wallet to a Bandit Wallet –

    The Bandit is made from an elastic fabric – it’s smooth on the outside and rubber on the inside. Just picked one up a few months ago and I love it!

  14. i was really disappointed with this wallet: mine lasted about three weeks before the band tore. great idea, poor execution.

  15. andrew: sorry to hear you were disappointed. we are aware of some quality issues. please contact [email protected] for a replacement. the v2 coming out next year has a redesigned closure and larger interior.