Switzerland, the Brand

The inherent value of “Swiss made” brands is so high that the country’s government is currently considering new laws to protect it: “The government wants to replace vague laws with concrete rules to crack down on abuses of ‘made in Switzerland’ and Swiss cross labels” (“Protecting ‘Swiss made’ brand divides opinion,” swissinfo.ch, April 6, 2008). The movement is known in Switzerland as “the legislation project Swissness.”

Small Country, Big Brands, by Barry Silverstein

(thank you benedikt)

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  1. Yes I can see that ! The birthplace of greats like Frutiger !

    Sweden / Denmark is another country that should consider it.


  2. I’ve always been fascinated with Switzerland as a Brand. Such great products with impeccable quality.

    I’m originally from Germany and I live in Canada. In recent years I’ve thought that Canadians need to brand themselves a lot better. Made in Canada could be so much more than it is right now. I own a small business that makes wooden toys (blocks, made from maple wood of course). Made in Canada is huge in Canada, but exporting products with a little maple leaf (or a Made in Canada logo) on the front of the box, is not always a selling point.

    I would assume that SwissMade has a lot of pull even in the US. A product Made in Canada has to be avoided. How come?