to gift peace of mind

Last November, one of my readers, Bryn, was faced with the challenge of choosing a birthday present for her man. Since he’s been hers for a long time, she tried most of the possible gift categories on him before. What would make him truly happy?

She thought of all the little to-do’s, house annoyances, tasks and errands that pile up and nag him every time they come to mind. She decided to make a list of all those things — and do them. Thereby giving him: Peace Of Mind.

Wonderful! See all the images here.

piece of mind

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  1. i HAVE to know why “obama” is on her to-do list! did she finally frame her november 5, 2008 new york times? because that’s on my to do list.

  2. This is incredible… consider this idea borrowed for my own future use :)

  3. Pertaining to the last card: Please watch The Obama Deception.

  4. wonderful! what an amazing gift.

  5. GREAT great, great idea! Can others steal it? Love it!