Tree of Charge

tree of charge

Tree of Charge: While the cell phone, digital camera and mp3 player charge their batteries under the tree, the bothersome main adapters are hidden inside. The tree functions as a key rack and magnet board. and with the photos of your loved ones, it becomes a family tree. Made me smile.

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  1. Is that the Timberland tree?

  2. It’s not a very good idea to leave your watch on a magnetic tree.

  3. Where can I buy? Thanks ;)

  4. I found this object on your blog and bought one for my brother who was really happy. But i had a lot of troubles to obtain this “tree”, the society Radius is not very good in following the orders and shipping its objects. I made my order by the end of august and i actually received the tree at the beginning of october and i am not talking about all the emails i had to send and the extra cost i had to pay to obtain the object… But it’s nice =)