What would make *you* a good client?

We had another successful CreativeMornings today, generously hosted at the fancy Education Wing of the MoMA with Allegra Burnette (MoMA) as our fabulous speaker. Yummee breakfast was sponsored by GenevaSound.

I introduced the Conversation Starter tags a few months back, and today, I asked the question: “what would make *you* a good client?

Below are some of the answers, see all of them in this flickr set.


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  1. “I know what I want!”

  2. I laughed at the blank one. But surely you’ve had good clients!

    My best clients are the ones who understand they need a designer, and that maybe I have some experience in these situations.

  3. The best clients are one’s who don’t know what they want and want you to find out and tell them.

    That is when you are able to be most creative and explore new areas!

    Clients who know what they want result in the client designing the solution, it should be the users of their product/service who do this.

  4. Once again, thanks for another great CM!