AIGA/NY: Dog and Pony Show


AIGA/NY is on fire! I just bought tickets to two events within 4 days of each other. First, Ji Lee’s presentation this thursday and then monday’s Dog and Pony Show at Galapagos in DUMBO. The line up of presenters is breath-taking:

Jonathan Alger of C&G Partners will present an instant replay of the Yankee Stadium, er, pitch.
Debbie Millman of Sterling Brands will present: Tropicana, or how a straw in an orange became such a beloved icon that people fought over it.
Michael Bierut of Pentagram will present: his maddening identity for the Museum of Arts and Design.
Liz Danzico of Bobulate and Jessi Arrington of WORKSHOP will sympathetically present: the Charter for Compassion.

See you there?

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  1. I will maybe see you there. I have a job interview tomorrow, and if I get it I imagine they’ll have me start soon. It’s in NJ and I have to drive 35 miles south to get there, so it might be harder for me to make it to NYC by those starting times.

  2. Tina I will be there

  3. I (or rather, we) will be there, too! We’re visiting from The Netherlands, just booked tickets :)