swissmiss hearts Instapaper

Instapaper is hands-down my alltime favorite iPhone app (besides the obvious big players of Skype, Kindle etc.)

Usually throughout the day I discover long articles on the web that I don’t have time to read right then and there. I simply hit the “Read Later” Bookmarklet in my bookmarks bar which allows me to easily save them for later. I used to constantly print articles and then grab them before I leave the office, hoping my subway ride would be long enough to get through them. Those days are gone! Now I just pull up my Instapaper app when I am in the subway and eh voila! Try the free online version or the free iPhone App. And when you realize what a gem this app is, make sure to upgrade to the Pro Version. The additional features are well worth it and it costs less than a sandwich.

Instapaper is a brainchild of Marco Arment, a fellow Brooklynite and lead developer of Tumblr. Again, please support his amazing app by buying a Pro Account. And most of all, help spread the word! Thumbs up, Marco! You have a fan over here at swissmiss!

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  1. It’s a must own application if you commute on the subway. It’s pretty gratifying to be able to read 4 or 5 articles you’ve been meaning to get to and realize you’re home.

  2. Instapaper is excellent. I think I read on my iPod touch now as much as I listen to music.

  3. Brilliant!!! That’s all I need, ANOTHER reason to want to buy an iPhone… I better start makin’ nice to my phone company!

    Thanks Tina,


  4. I use instapaper like an unappreciated library in reverse (ish): dump all my reading there until I am ready..then it all there for me to read when I am most receptive. Perfect.

  5. You might be interested in a userscript I made:
    „Instapaper restyled“ is a userscript that applies a new interface to the Instapaper service. It was inspired by Helvetireader and Instapaper Fluid.