mustache mugs


As part of the london design week 09 Peter Bruegger presented his mustache mugs
at designersblock. The fine bone china mugs are available in six different iconic tache styles. (I heart mustaches.)

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  1. Not only are these mugs totally adorable, but the photo styling is perfect. I love the suspenders, checked shirt and bow tie!

  2. Love them – I just can’t shake my moustache obsession

  3. Hey, i’m in love with moustaches, too! And these mugs are really awesome!

  4. I need a few of those for the office. I need something to loosen everyone up a bit from very demanding world of drug rehab

  5. Ummm I need some of these mugs. Seriously.

  6. hahah!!! what a way to wear a ‘stache!

  7. where would one acquire these mugs? they’re fantastic!

  8. great for “mug”

  9. where can we buy these mugs .we say them in a magazine in shanghai. bryan

  10. I think the world would be a better place if everyone had mugs like these…! thanks for sharing!

  11. Lovely mugs!

    I thought you might like these typographic moustaches as well :)