one year walk/beard grow time lapse

The Longest Way 1.0 – one year walk/beard grow time lapse from Christoph Rehage on Vimeo.

one year walk/beard grow time lapse by Christoph Rehage
November 9th 2007 – November 13th 2008
one year on foot – 4646km through China
unlimited beard & hair growth

(thank you christoph)

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  1. This is amaizing! thanks for the post.

  2. wow. i wish i were as adventurous.

  3. Good job!

  4. Amazing! Inspiring. Creative. Moving. And cute! Plus: SO well done.

  5. while this video and its ilk can be an interesting watch, i never find them to be moving or emotive. they come across as a byproduct of modern self-indulgence. does anybody else cringe when they see a tourist (or anybody for that matter) turning the camera on themselves with arms outstretched? maybe i’m just too old for this shit, i did just turn 25.

  6. Yeah jared, I do think people like that think “this is going on facebook, yeaaah!, I’m so coool”, but this guy is excused ;)

  7. Fantastic! What’s self indulgent about creating a bit of a story in this way?? The whole hair growth element acts as a kind of chronological marker and gives a brilliant sense of scale to the journey!

  8. i would be more receptive if it was the first video made in this manner, but we’ve all seen several “photo a day for a year” videos. i don’t mean to decry his journey, it was a massive undertaking, no doubt. but you can’t deny that it’s a huge exercise in “look what i’m doing!” in a time when everybody is screaming “look what i’m doing!”. granted, he’s doing more than most, but to me the presentation is too twitter-esque, and it would have been much more interesting if he had turned the camera on the world instead of himself.

  9. if he had just turned it on the world then we’d feel like we’re watching someone’s home movie of their vacation. snooze.

  10. I’d say Lisa is right… Take Christope out the video and it becomes pretty flat. The guy is not exactly flexing any muscles of achievement here – we can all grow hair! It’s just an interesting way to document a period of time… I think if a grandparent of mine sat me down and showed me something like this from his/her travels, it would be a brilliant way to see a year of someone’s life!

    As for seeing someone take a photo of themselves and cringing, I’d say that’s probably your problem Jared!

  11. we’re all a little self-narcissistic. the internet has only heightened this to the nth degree. i’m only interested if someone is CREATIVE in their narcissism and this guy fits the bill. btw, thanks contemporary gardens. :D

  12. potato potato.

  13. Nice one jared you absolute bone smoocher. Maybe you should grow a beard and stop attacking other people’s beards…

  14. i haven’t heard bone smoocher in a while. i mean that as a compliment.

  15. I love to see how we all have different opinions.
    Totally forgot what I was about to say…
    By-product of modern self-indulgence! Creative within its narcissism!
    OMG, I would totally do a project just to have you guys shred it with those elaborate phrases.
    I liked the video, but your comments really made me smile.
    And yeah we can all grow hair but, can we lure a beautiful chinese girl into romancing us while doing it?

  16. He looks unhappy. My mood is less cherry now.

  17. what’s the music? tune! bobbing all over the place. Thanks, d x

  18. I just looked up the term ‘Bone Smoocher’ out of interest & it seems it’s not a well-used phrase at all! This very thread is top of google for the term!!! Bone Smoocher – brilliant!

  19. thats awsome!
    i love it

  20. How is Christophe any more narcissistic than, say, Vincent van Gogh or Rembrandt van Rijn? Artists have forever used themselves as subjects in their own work, and why not? It’s a cheap source of ever-available model material! I think this was an artistic/expressive venture (of course, not everyone will agree), and I applaud the dedication and perseverance it took to complete the project. I don’t see this as a “Look at me! See what I’m doing!” attempt any more than any other expressive act.

    I can’t help but think that folks intent on finding fault with something so non-threatening are just a little too cool, too cynical, too jaded to really understand what it even means to attempt to honor one’s creative urge. How many of them have ever attempted ANYTHING original and creative? My experience has been that these types of folks don’t have anything of value to offer, because they’re so busy refusing to be impressed by anything. What sad, empty little lives they must lead.

  21. Not only is the beard clearly amazing. I think its a pretty cool work of art with the changing backgrounds.