Average Internet Speeds and Costs Around the World

internet speeds and cost around the world

Average Internet Speeds and Costs Around the World

UPDATE: One of my readers (commented below) was able to track down the original source of the graphic with some more background information. Here.

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  1. I think that the title needs a correction:
    average internet speeds and costs around the RICH world.
    Would I be right?

  2. @Edu

    it does say top 20

  3. People in Finland need great broadband. It’s cold there!

  4. All right, WMD, I noticed that. What bothered me at the point that makes me bother you guys too is that, to this ranking, as the title says, the world is summed up to these top20 countries. It’s not “around the world”. Those are basically some places of the north hemisphere.
    But, please, don’t worry. This nice blog isn’t the place to this old fashioned and annoying kind of complaint.
    I shouldn’t write that comment. Sorry.

  5. where in the world can i get internet for five bucks?

  6. Haha! South Africa, where I live, isn’t even visible on the map, it’s covered! It really shows our significance, or lack thereof, to the rest of the world…

  7. let’s pick a theme song, get famous artists to band together to sing it & bring much-needed internet to the “rest” of the world!!

  8. But, Jackie, it’s not necessary. I’m in Brazil and we have a good internet already. What we want is to be in this ranking!!! It’s jealousy…..
    A song would be cool, though. Bono could make it for us. The chorus could say something like:

    We are so poor
    We are the last
    Hey, Michael moore
    We want it fast

  9. I wish this map would show more… Such as to calculate the price per speed. And Switzerland. Tina, how could they forget us? :)

  10. There are some clarifications from the original graphic at http://www.billshrink.com/blog/internet-penetration-costs/. Hate it when folks just grab stuff without providing links to the source. Lame.

  11. the cheapest internet is in JAPAN….. I thought it would be US…. keep posting. Will be visiting back soon.

  12. That info is just plain inaccurate. I’ve checked the sources, and it seems obvious to me that they’re very far from reliable, but apparently not to the people who made it. It’s about as useful as a broken shoelace.