Broadcasting from the Feast

They just showed the below video at The Feast Conference which I am currently attending and covering over on twitter/swissmiss.

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  1. Too bad their website does not reflect the same visual integrity as the animation….. I was surprised that it was a virtual phone system company.

  2. The video is such a positive reminded or why we are all here, and what we can do, especially in these times. The writer, Sonja Jacob, is at (she’s also an active Twitterer). I think the fact that the company behind this isn’t so obvious, is even more interesting. Some smart thinking and creativity here. Thanks for posting it.

  3. What an utter rip-off of the Girl Effect, from the look & feel to the piano music:

  4. Sorry, I did not get it. This was a virtual phone system company. What does a toll free phone system has to do with being a entrepreneur, being a kid and dreams have to do with a virtual phone system?

  5. @Kelly McCormick
    I’m sorry but have you ever seen a kinetic type motion piece before? I’ve seen the girl effect video and personally I’ve seen better motion work on peoples school assignments. Do yourself a favor and spend some time on youtube looking at Kinetic Typography.
    BTW OMG every motion design Coke commercial looks like a Target commercial, what a rip-off…