Buckyballs got a new packaging. Look! Trust me, they are totally addictive, once you get your fingers on them.

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  1. Surely on every geeks’ Christmas list!

    in one word DEADLY

    Sorry for the negative comment, but I have little kids and after daring reading a few awful cases of kids swallowing those beautiful little shiny balls…I do not care about beauty anymore (well, that is not truth…but when it comes to toys, SAFETY comes first)

  3. Good thing I don’t have kids. because I can’t wait to get one for myself!

  4. pretty jealous – i could find not one geek store who sells that in switzerland…

  5. Ohhh can’t wait to get my geek toy :)

  6. These look amazing, will definitely be splashing out when I have a little spare cash! :)

  7. Yes, Magnets are dangerous for little ones, Gisela. That’s why I would never have BuckyBalls at home. But in the office, they are awesome! Especially during meetings….

  8. Ehhm I can think of 3 Nobel Chemistry Laureates who might just object to this name. Buckyballs, are a class of molecules which have lead to nano technology and not a desktoy. Having watched the video, there is a vague similarity but it’s vague. Bad name if you ask me.

  9. Small magnetic anything thrilled me when I was a kid.
    I think it started when I first learned that the small weights at the bottom of our shower curtain stuck to metal. It took a few months before my mother figured out I was cutting them out of the curtains for my own private projects. It was part of what spurred my interest and inspiration for science and technology. Next thing I knew I was going to the library to read everything I could find about magnetic levitating bullet trains in Japan – signing up for kid tours at the Franklin Institute – studying engineering – etc.

    “The Dangers of Small Magnetic Balls in the Stomach” sounds like the beginning of a great high school science fair project! **DO NOT TRY AT HOME**

  10. There’s next christmas’ present for my brother sorted out!


  11. @swissmiss Any cool Buckyball sculptures in the works? Here’s my latest:


  12. @Chris, I agree it’s a bad name. These things have nothing to do the Carbon Allotrope, and these guys basically stuck their money flag on the word.
    Here’s a better video of neodymium magnet spheres in action, and they’re not called buckyballs: