Tree that grows books

childrens furniture tree bookcase shawn soh

Tree Bookshelf from designer Shawn Soh.

(thank you Pam)

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  1. I LOVE that tree bookcase. I think that would be an amazing piece in a kids room…gorgeous.

  2. Çok harika . Birde benim olsa

  3. That would look so good in yellow, against a grey wall. Or vice versa.

  4. wow, how adorable. i need this!

  5. This is that gift for new parents you know they didn’t ask for, but if you got it for them they’d love you for it. I love this! Reminds me of the book I loved as a child: The Giving Tree.

  6. All of our kids live in the age of ebooks / kindle etc

    What a great reminder for them of the historical connection between the printed words and nature. I wonder if future generations will see our attachment to books made of paper in the same way as we see cave paintings?

  7. Just stumbled on your site – the book tree is a great visual aperitif.

  8. Funny and creative,
    but I dont think such a big one can carry many books!

  9. B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!! I wanted to buy this tree imediately – but ordering seems to be a lttle bit… difficult?!

  10. This is so cute! Love your blog! :-)

  11. i absolutely love this.

  12. Nice, I bet it still looks really good even when really full of books. Great for a child’s room obviously.

  13. i am really interested in buying this…like now…where can i do so and how much is it?

  14. This is an awesome interior décor!

  15. Love that bookshelf. Where can I get one? And how does it attach to the wall?

    Hopefully it’s not made of plastic, but some classy material like wood.

  16. Where can I find something like this???

  17. Where can I find this? does it come in other colors? what is it made of and how much is it? Too many question… but I need to know

  18. How do you purchase this? And how much

  19. How much is this please I want to buy it x

  20. love your book tree. is it possible to buy in the UK?

  21. I love this tree! for a classroom! How do I order?

  22. Hi – I second all the comments above about wanting one! It’s an absolutely beautiful piece, and so practical!

    Would it be possible to put some order details on the page… or at least tell everyone where to get one?

    If not, can you email me back with some details, please? I am in the UK.

  23. Love this for my preschool! How do I order one?

  24. Wow.. amazing bookshelf….

  25. wow! My chilren ould love this bookcase. where can I get one please?