Elgin Clock-Radio


My reader Joshua Longbrake found this beauty of an Elgin clock-radio at Goodwill for $2.99. And lucky him it works perfectly, including the crackly radio. He offers the image as a desktop wallpaper. Lovely.

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  1. Probs if he can hack the insides to make it an iPod dock as well.

  2. This kid is awesome. And he would love that Clock Radio!

  3. Great. The only problem with these clock-radios was the “clacking” every minute as the number changes, and – for me at least with “-10” in my glasses – it was hard to read the numbers at night.

  4. I think the “clacking” is one of my favorite bits about the clock. But the radio is definitely the winner. Jazz was created to pass through those speakers.

  5. Oh man. I’m jealous. What a find! I did, however, swipe a Chemex off the shelves for $1.99, so I can’t complain about other people finding good deals.

  6. By the way, KEXP sounds awesome coming out of one of those radios.

  7. Madmediamonkey.com
    IS THE BEST! Check it out.

  8. Lovely indeed, I’m not a vintage stuff person, but I do love these clock-radios!

  9. It’s funny i set this as the desktop of one of my screens a week or two ago. Today I just finished working on my portfolio website and wanted to take a screenshot of the homepage and post to my blog. It turns out it fit perfectly on the little shelf of the clock. I like the physicality of the presentation. Check out the screenshot here: http://bit.ly/6a1PLq

    thanks swissmiss