Prettiest. Tea. Cup. Ever.


This minimal teacup had me gasp for air. A beauty.

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  1. Gorgeous. I love how simple the illustration is.

  2. How did they print inside the cup? Nice size handle.

  3. That’s pretty nice. Simple economy of line. I think my clumsiness would snap the handle, though.

  4. Actually, I think if you remove the handle, it would be perfect. For me.

  5. Lovely!

  6. Prettiest indeed!

  7. I really love all of Bailey Doesn’t Bark’s pieces :-)

  8. I like its simplicity. I wouldn’t call it a teacup. A teacup, is bell-shaped. I believe you call it a teacup, since the handle is delicate… almost too delicate, for the size of the container … if the handle were more substantial, this would be a mug.

    For the sake of artistic dialog, and not to argue, but just to clarify the quality of the design, and to define a style, picture this: an adorable, if shorter, & vaguely transparent version of this cup, so that you could swear you see the bag through the surface. Same handle design, same color, same style, simply shorter, with a bone china reflective quality, and the hand-drawn bag apparently there.

    I love simple designs and concepts. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I was scrambling to buy one until I saw the price tag. Eek! Very pretty, though.

  10. I want one! Absolutely elegant!

  11. Lange keinen Bart mehr hier gesehen. Wie wäre es mit diesem hier?

  12. This is gorgeous! I want one of this!

  13. People! It’s a freaking tea cup.

    This elicits 15 comments? The internet has gone to Hell.

  14. thanks to you and me, now it has 17, HIGH FIVE FRED!!!!

  15. The simplicity of it makes me imagine this would be Charlie Brown’s cup for tea when he outgrows hot chocolate – if he ever outgrows it :)

  16. The difficulty is that I would constantly, obsessively be adjusting the teabag in order to ensure its perfect alignment with the place designated for it. And if it didn’t fit, woe. But for coffee it would be grand.