Question for my readers:


What ConversationStarter Tag Question would you like to see answered at on one of our upcoming CreativeMornings?

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  1. If wasn’t a designer I’d be…

  2. One thing nobody knows about me is…

  3. My favorite texture is…

  4. If I have the power to change something today ..

  5. If I had one Super Power it would be…

  6. I haven’t [blank’d] in almost [blank] years!

  7. what made you become a designer?

    what do you like about graphic design?

    what inspires you to design?

  8. When I was a kid I _____________.

  9. When I was a kid I wanted to be a _________

  10. If I was a breakfast cereal, I would be called ____________________

  11. Burning House.
    Running Out.
    I grab …………………

  12. If I wasn’t here, I’d be ____________

  13. Why are manhole covers round?

  14. What’s the most uninteresting thing about yourself?

  15. I’ve just finished reading ________ by _________. Who should I read next?

  16. Oh no! I think I just _____

  17. Help! I can’t seem to ________________!

  18. If I were a dance move i’d be the ________________

    When im stuck with a design I ____________

    The person who inspires me is ____________________

  19. Nothing says____________like_______.

  20. These are wonderful. Thank you so much! We will make sure to incorporate some of these at upcoming CreativeMornings. Keep them coming! YAY!

  21. What do you question?

  22. If you had your dream job, what software application would you use most often?

  23. My favorite key command is _______.
    I once told a client to ________________________.

  24. I cant help but be inspired by ___________.

    My favorite thing has always been __________.