Sort By Magic

I just discovered the “Sort By Magic” menu option in Google Reader. Thanks for making me smile, Google.


(And for those of you who know me well: Yes, I am giving it another RSS Reader try, happens every 6months or so and then I go back to reading all my daily links in tabs. Old-School, I know.)

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  1. Would love to see a post about some of your favorite RSS feeds Tina!

    I’m always looking for new material to digest, and I’m sure you would have some great recommendations.

  2. I read blogs via RSS. I used to use Google Reader directly, but currently love using Feedly

    Then for posts I find interesting I open them in a tab & read later (as I finish going through all the posts.

  3. Tip from a past-tabber and avid GReader fan. If you have a ton of feeds, what I do is just skim them, star them and read them later. Just cause they’re there doesn’t mean you HAVE to read them, after all.

    I get about 250-300 articles a day in my reader. I’d have to take a full time job to read them all.

  4. HA! Thanks for sharing. Hilarious. Nice to see Design Milk on your feeds too ;)

    I have way too many feeds already and I’m only at 70. I cleaned house recently because for some anal-retentive reason I can’t have unread items in my feed. It drives me nuts. And sucks away most of my day!

  5. Perhaps you’d like to try ours next. It’s my personal favorite. It hasn’t (yet) got jokes in it though. But you can much simpler browse / scan you feeds then in google reader.

  6. Robert, I would like to know what reader you are talking about. You didn’t mention it.
    Vienna, the free RSS reader for the Mac OS has been my reader of choice for the last several years.
    I’ve tried greader and it seemed kind of clunky compared to an actual app.

  7. Hey, that’s me! :-)

  8. Ha, how fun! Nice to see us highlighted there. :-)

  9. @Stevan Just click on my name. I can’t submit URLs here, guess it’s filtered as spam.

  10. ha, tabs all the way! : )

    on a semi related note I’ve had a lot more search traffic visiting recently with the query of “design notes by michael”. go figure eh?

  11. hi tina. have you tried NetNewsWire? It’s one of my favorite Mac apps. I wouldn’t think of using anything else for RSS reading and management.