A film by Charles and Ray Eames for Polaroid

Polaroid SX-70 Promotional Film from Ekim on Vimeo.

(via jackcheng)

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  1. Bring back Polaroid film!!

  2. very cool, thanks!

  3.  This is so wonderful, it makes me sad and nostalgic for something I never had.

  4. @Isabel it’s coming back!! (see below)

    @Alex you don’t have to be sad, The Impossible Project is making new SX-70 film. They’re releasing B&W film in January 2010 and color film in the spring. http://www.the-impossible-project.com/

  5. My parents have that camera. I think they stopped using it by the time I was born, but it captivated me more than any other camera. It’s cool to see how it actually works. Would love to find film for it. I’ll keep an eye for that B&W.

  6. These comments shows that this promotional film was well made because we all have only good feelings about it.
    I especially like that it shows how the thing works and also speaks about the human and end user aspect of it. Well done!

  7. what a nice video, beautifully nostalgic.

  8. Great even without the sound
    (what I have just made, by listening to http://www.myspace.com/rueroyale) great music to…

  9. You could have been at the International Center of Photogaphy on 6th and 43rd on the 18th between 5 and 8 for wine and the chance to meet Florian Kaps and buy 15 kinds of Polaroid film and a few cameras.

  10. I m thrilled to see this film… I was the Polaroid person working with Charles and Ray…. What a privilege. They produced several short (10 minute ) films and some commercials too! TV