Downloads: Arrows

Whenever the Wire&Twine Team encounters the need for arrows in a project (and what project doesn’t require arrows?), they reach for a little file they’ve kept over the years with a bunch of the pointy things in vector format. So today they combined all of their arrows (along with some vector cursors) and posted them on their blog for everyone. Feel free to use in whatever project that might need some… pointers.

DOWNLOAD ARROWS : Illustrator, Freehand and PDF archive.

(via fictivecameron)

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  1. Thank you :)

  2. Thanks for the kindness Tina!
    We super appreciate it!

  3. Funny – I was just thinking, ‘I could use a good arrow for this thing right about now,’… decided to catch up on Swissmiss, and saw this post first… some weird sort of swisscronicity, I guess.

  4. thanks, the recycle icons are just what we needed for some illustrations.

  5. What a nice Christmas present. Now I should not have any problem knowing what direction to go in… in the new year!

  6. Thank your for this file, Tina!

  7. Nice job, Chris & Tina. Thanks for this.