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For those that follow my blog closely, they know that I am a big fan of Geneva Sound Systems. I have the GenevaSound XL in my studio and the GenevaSound M at home. Last summer, two weeks into our Switzerland trip, I looked at my husband and said: “I want to go home, I miss my Genevas!”

And yes, for full disclosure, Geneva is currently my client and we are *this* close to launching their new e-commerce site. But, I couldn’t wait to share the latest model that they just came out with, the supersmall GenevaSound S. I was lucky enough to get a demo in my studio and I was blown away, by how small the S is and how cool the swivveling dock is at the top. When not in use, the iPod dock disappears. And the TouchLight Controls are just the ultimate cool. The GenvaSound S is definitely on my wishlist to get for our bedroom!

(Now if only I didn’t have to link to their old site and our new one was already up, sigh!)

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  1. I sure wish their service was better. My daughter accidentally tried to put a CD in ours when there was already one in the drive. It mucked things up and I took the Geneva apart. The CD player is just attached with a ribbon cable and would be a snap to replace. I called their tech support and they refused to send (sell) me a replacement. Pffft.

  2. hehe .. they sure need a new website pretty badly ;-)

  3. they are kidding

    US Store 299$ = 209€
    Eurpe Sore 329€ = 469$

    why why why …

    no buy from me here … sorry i dont mingle with this kind of bussiness moral …

    regards Jan

  4. @Grant, we repair systems from customer damage all the time. Please call on Monday, and we will make arrangements to repair your system.

    @Alessandro, agreed, and thanks to our friends here; it will be online very very soon.


  5. Hi Gordon. I don’t want to send it in. I just want to buy a cd drive.

  6. Grant – I work with Geneva. I’m sorry you say our service is not better. We get continual comments on the quality and fairness of our service. I think your issue is our service policy, which is simply, we do it, we don’t support customers who want to do it, and we don’t sell spare parts for integrated components.

    The issues with customer self-service include:
    a. even the most competent and skilled technician fully trained on the product can make mistakes, which only opens up more issues, especially when the product is under warranty
    b. the components (eg, CD player) have to match with the firmware, and both the components and the firmware are not always the same, quarter by quarter and year by year. Firmware is often updated. Sometimes suppliers change a slight thing in their parts, and we have to adapt the firmware, or one supplier was not able to provide a part so we had to use another supplier, and that requires firmware adaptation.
    So then self-service customers would be contacting us asking for new firmware, and the hw/sw tools to update the firmware, and the other new parts that go with the firmware, etc etc
    c. practically and economically, it would not be feasible for us to keep a large, varied inventory of parts to be sending out to customers.
    d. customers would not like the pricing required to support a DIY parts department. In manufacturing, to use an example from the lighting industry, wiring integrated into a lamp at the factory costs a fraction of the same wiring sold in spools to distributors, then resold to retailers.
    e. your CD player might not even need to be replaced, it could possibly be reconditioned, which is economically and ecologically a better thing for all.

    I think if you tried our service, you’d be pleased.

  7. Hello,
    I have a Geneva XL. Once I got over the dis-satisfaction of the sound power, I began to enjoy the clarity of the sound. Now, only after 18 months of owning the box, the cd holder within the box is loose. Whenever someone walks by the box the cd skips. How do I get inside the box to tighten?

    Thank you
    A slightly unsatisfied customer

  8. Jeffrey – please contact 877-GENEVA9 (877-436-3829) and service can be arranged easily.

  9. I hope the new SwissMiss-designed Website for GenevaLabs also means a re-read of the copy, as there is a pretty ridiculous bug hidden in the current version: prices for the USA are the same as for Europe – i.e. US$ 1 == UK£ 1 (in other words: Europeans pay 2+ times the price).

    In our day and age of worldwide connectivity, this can only be a mistake – which I hope SwissMiss will be able to correct.

  10. My Geneva Model L. no longer supports the use of i-phones, i-pods etc. In order to avoid mailing the incredibly heavy unit to Geneva for repair I purchased the replacement part to install at the powerdock. I unscrewed the metal cover successfully. BUT I do not have the tools to remove the inner piece. Can anyone tell me what type/size of tool/square tip screwdriver I need in order to remove the damaged power dock? OR is there a Geneva authorized repair shop in the Los Angeles area??

  11. I have two Geneva Sound systems…. They have both broke within 3 weeks of one another. I don’t think I have ever pushed the volume to it’s loundest setting however I believe the/or a speaker has blown….

    H E L P HELP… Somebody please H E L P….. I am depressed – both are out of the one year warranty and I just want to know if this is something that can be fixed…. and what will the costs be…. ?????


    I have promoted this product and have three friends who purchased this item because of how good they are…. Now I am the one without……

  12. Joan: where did you buy the replacement powerdock? I have the same problem…powerdock broken, and I don’t want to send the entire model L just for changing it. It’s an easy fix, but I can’t get hold of the parts.

  13. I have a Geneva S missing an antenna and 1 foot. I asked Geneva for replacements which they were happy to supply.
    Total cost £27 delivered. What a rip off.
    Its such a shame as the sound quality on this unit is excellent.