Tam Tam Stool


We had an orange one of these Tam Tam Stools growing up and I would love to have a few of these for our studio. So wonderfully retro and simple in its shape. An added bonus: the removable top provides extra storage! The Tam Tam was originally released in 1968 by Henry Massonnet. It achieved cult status after a picture was taken of the iconic Brigitte Bardot seated on a Tam Tam.

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  1. habitat sells them – for only 15 Euros. but i think you don’t have habitat in the us, do you?

  2. ORANGE!!! What other colour was there in the 70s? You can still see the original wall paper (=orange flower pattern on LSD) from the 70s behind some cupboard in my living room… :P

  3. In northern Germany a young product designer started using these stools for doing sports.
    Check this out:

  4. we used to have two of these as well. also doubled as great bongos.

  5. Tina,
    Thank you for linking to our site (www.17thandRiggs.com) re. the Tam Tam Stools. They rock and the bit of extra storage is a bonus. Glad to have found your site and will keep an eye on it!
    ~ Rebecca