7 rules to understand design & designers

Yes, I agree with Tim, I *want* this 7 rules to understand design & designers Poster Vinyl Graphic AND the Eames Lounger in front of it, while we’re at it.

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  1. Ditto on both, but I think I saw this posted elsewhere and labeled as a vinyl graphic – – that might make acquisition of (the graphic at least) a bit easier…

  2. fantastic! Could not agree more!

  3. Fabulous! I want both now please!

  4. I love this concept! Totally want this! For some reason there seems to be a typo: “great design just happen” but the other screenshots have corrected the mistake. Weird! :)

  5. love it! my only quibble is with no. 5….I’d change it to Imagination is *just as important* as knowledge.

    The best designers know how to research, digest information, both current and historic, and convey it in their designs…imaginatively!

  6. oh I REALLY dig this! It’s so true. I agree with Jenni O. Where would we be without our…IMAGINATION?

  7. Great you like it, thanks a lot for the post… Imortant to know “Imagination is more importante than knowledge” has been said By Einstein ;) You can not change what Einstein said, do you ?

  8. oh das könnten wir hier auch gebrauchen :-)))

  9. These are probably the most idiotic, superficial, shallow and inconsequent rules that I’ve ever read. Really, it’s that bad.
    The composition and type are OK, but the content is utterly dreadful and devoted to those people who think design is pink stickers with a cut corner on a MacBook Air.

    Perhaps if they had more planned knowledge (to inform their imagination), this useless thing wouldn’t be polluting people’s minds.

  10. Like I often said to my 6 years old daughter “do not tell it is not good, tell you do not like it”… hope you like this one John, I can offer you a sticker with it…

  11. I definitely agree with this!

    “Designers are meant to be loved, not understood.”

    Well, that explains alot! HAHA! Great post though. I need that poster!

  12. Spelling mistake on no.5. There needs to be an S on the end of “Great Design Just Happen”.

    6 Doesn’t work grammatically either as the the is totally superfluous – as a result “Design the things right” doesn’t make any sense.

    Butchering the english language to make something look pretty is bad design.

  13. I totally agree! I’m having such a hassle with a client, who wants to be a designer himself in this case.

    But I always find that my best work happens accidentally :) And then it spins off from there!

    I love the design (lol) of this piece, it would be great to have on your wall :D

  14. There is an S on the end of “Great Design Just Happen” on final sticker, we make the mistake on the shoot but correct it on the produced version…

  15. designers are so sad, just appreciate it, and if you don’t like leave your criticism else where this isn’t university any more no one care of your negative thoughts. i like it.