everything I have

Everything I Have, 2008
Pen, paper, scotch tape, white out
60 1/4 X 40 1/8 inches

(via butdoesitfloat)

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  1. Ah! I was hoping to do something similar to this. I’m getting rid of a bunch of unnecessary belongings as I prepare for a long-term trip around the world. An exhibit like this is always interesting.

  2. This somewhat reminds me of “All My Clothes” by Charles Ray.

  3. I have seen this piece or one like it by the same artist recently, here in Copenhagen – at Louisiana, I think. The drawings are tiny!

  4. One of my former classmates drew every item he owned. If he owned 4 spoons, he drew 4 spoons. Crazy! This reminds me of his time-consuming self-promo that turned out pretty amazing. I fear I have way too much stuff to attempt this.