For the love of Ampersand

Yes! A blog entirely dedicated to the beauty of Ampersands:

(thank you Kai)

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  1. It was too good not to mention it somewhere relevant. :)

  2. I just love ampersands… thanks for posting!

  3. Thank you for the link! A good way to discover new or sometimes old fonts.

  4. love me some ampersand!

  5. beautiful, I just wish there was a wee tiny bit of text saying what the typefaces are…

  6. Really nice idea.

    I understand the inclusion of “and” in the blog title, but it’s technically incorrect: “and” is used to join decimals or fractions to whole numbers (“one and a half,” e.g.).

    Technically, 365 written out is “three hundred sixty-five” — picky?

    Anyway, yay ampersands!

  7. As a fontwhore, I love that site.

  8. @Annie: each ampersand is a link to the font.