Today’s CreativeMornings with Michael Bierut

Amazing Michael Bierut was today’s CreativeMornings speaker and boy did he set the bar high for any upcoming events. Galapagos was jam-packed with approx 300 attendees, attentively listening to Michael’s brandnew talk about ‘Clients’. A few weeks back, he asked me if I had anything specific in mind for him to talk about, and as I had a particularly bad client experience that day, I basically said: “I would love to hear your wisdom when it comes to dealing and handling clients!” Very much to my surprise, Michael whipped together a fantastic talk about just that. I can not wait to share the talk with you once the video is ready. (For now, you can check out previous talks over at

If you would like to read up on some of the things Michael Bierut had to say in his talk, please refer to the below write-ups:
– by
– by Design is People
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– by something massive

A big thank you to Blurb and Behance for sponsoring breakfast. (Lucky us, Behance handed out their brandnew line of action products which will only go on sale next week! Whee!)

A big virtual wave to Galapagos and their team for hosting this morning’s event. Can a venue be any cooler? Make sure to sign up with their Mailing List so you stay on top of cool happenings at Galapagos DUMBO.

Jon Tan of Analog, located in Bristol UK was our virtual guest this morning. Make sure to check out his blog filled with web typography goodness.

And a big thank you goes to Roland for filming and my dear friend Sara Wasilausky for shooting the morning and Brian Luckey for color-correcting the shots. No idea what I would have done without you all!

You can see the photos of this mornings event over at flickr.

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  1. swissmister looks grandios!

  2. Mr. Beirut has a typo. It should be “Bad clients take up more of our time THAN they should.”

  3. Oops. I spelled his name wrong! How ironic. My apologies, Mr. Bierut. :P

  4. Wow, that CreativeMornings Event looks awesome! Do you know if there is something similiar back here in Switzerland?

  5. Bad presenters don’t use spell check.

  6. okay, I have to say that I was very (unpleasantly) surprised to see that typo up there. it’s one of the most common but still eye-poking typos that drive me mad… THAN≠THEN

    anywho, everything looks awesome and I only wish we had even a fragment of the creative events that happen over there, over at this side of the pond.

  7. it’s anyHOW not anywho ;)

  8. WOW you are all so lucky to be able to attend such a talk with ease & with such a talent as Michael Bierut & to have someone to organise these events! We here in Sydney, Australia are salivating at your CreativeMornings wishing we around the block so we could attend!!! We are visiting NYC sometime this year & were wondering what your “best” design events for a design studio to attend would be or any other must-do??? thank you. Fantastic blog Swiss-Miss!!!

  9. This looks to be just about the best way ever to start your day. I couldn’t be happier (or more jealous) that people have access to events like this. I’ve read nothing but good things about the event, and can’t wait till this stuff shows up on Vimeo. Thanks for all the wonderful content and keep up the brilliant work!

  10. Let’s talk about typos that remove any serious possibility that you are valued for your intellect or attention to detail.

  11. Ughhh typos on slides are awful!

    The event looked like it would have been quite inspirational though. I would love to attend something like that.

  12. Oh people, please stop dwelling on the typos! Pretty Please!