Twig Stool

I can’t get over the beautiful sculptural quality of the Twig Stool.

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  1. The name made me think of something else.

  2. I would be SO tempted to hang flags at the top of the ‘twigs’!

  3. Looks a little dangerous to have in public. Chair fights would be a messy. Nice idea though.

  4. I wonder if the Twig Stools would wag their tails, when someting real nice (let’s say, a really HOT looking ‘pair of jeans’) sits down on them?

    Love the design! I’ld wait and see what would happen.

    Love the flag idea, by Helena.

    Wagging would then wave the flags!

    This gives some interesting new possibilities.

    Think politics:
    Imagine European Prime Ministers wagging instead of voting…

  5. Thanks for this exciting and interesting comment! Well done! I have bookmarked this site and will return again.