“Distractivity is what you’re doing when you get distracted from what you should be doing. It’s generally what you want to do, often what you need to do, and arguably, what you’ll do best.”

– John Goodman from Distractivity

(via bobulate)

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  1. Example: browsing swiss-miss.com.

  2. Haha that’s great!

  3. Great point!
    Maybe I should start a new start-up…involving plucking my eyebrows. That is what I like to do and what I do when I am supposed to be doing other things.

  4. so the guys at my last job should be playing guitar hero for a living?

  5. LOVE this. so much.

  6. This sums up my entire week :)

  7. ahh, perfect word! so much better than ‘flailing” ;-)

    I was using (with my guy friends) the term ‘dickstracted’ …. as in, “OmG, turn of the damn porn already, you’re totally diCkstracted!”