Back in June, I cracked my iPhone screen and all this time I just couldn’t get myself to pay $200 for a new glass. (Sorry, Apple)

A lovely lady at an AT&T store pointed me to Dr.Brendan, the iPhone Doc here in Manhattan. Last week, I finally managed to meet up with Brendan and watched him do surgery on my beloved iPhone. (We met up in a Hotel Lobby in the Meat Packing district, it felt like some sort of drug deal, ha!)

Brendan is a charming young guy, who kinda fell into this and is now making a living off fixing iPhones. My phone looks like new, works like a charm and it cost me a mere $70. Brendan does house-calls and meets you pretty much anywhere in the city. Does it get any more convenient? Nope.

I can’t recommend Brendan enough. I was disappointed though that he didn’t wear scrubs during the surgery. Ha!


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  1. How was he able to replace your glass for $70 that is cheap.

  2. i had a friend that got their phone done by them too and it looked perfect, like nothing ever happened

  3. He reminds me of the “iPod Doctor” Demetri Leontaris, also in New York, who also makes house calls. Here’s the NPR story “A Neighborhood Enterprise For The 21st Century” http://bit.ly/igd8s

  4. Ive had my screen replaced by him as well, it looks brand new. Only took him 20 minutes, too!

  5. What a fantastic entrepreneurial idea! Kudos to Dr. Brendan! Beautiful!

  6. I love it. Good to know, as my iphone is deciding on its own whims if it wants to be on or off. I wonder if it needs a check-up…

  7. thank you for this! my iphone really needs to see the doc;)

  8. Sorry guys but new touch scree glass with digitizer coast 14.99 on ebay. Replacing it yourself is super easy!!! and fun. There are tons of tutorials on ebay

  9. Funny that I found this just now… my boyfriend made an attempt at fixing my shattered glass and he broke my LCD. We called Dr B, and he came over to finish up the job. Phone looks like new!

  10. Good service effort by AT&T, very decent of them to defer you to a specialist like that. I can’t imagine Vodaphone giving out valuable pointers like that…straight to the insurance with those guys

  11. He should have a mail-to service for those of us who are not local. I know loads of people who would chomp at the bit to get that going

  12. You’re very right about that Alissa – in fact, we are adding mail-in functionality to our site at this very moment. It should be up by tonight or tomorrow.

    I appreciate all the great feedback from everyone!!


  13. i got your name from a lady at AT&T how much do u think it would be to fix glass and a LCD? im in buffalo NY by the way

  14. same problem here, Dr Brendan. Could I have my brother drop the pacient ? :)