John Pawson’s Private Residence

I would have no problem moving into Jon Pawson’s house immediately. I love his minimalist approach to decorating and interiors. And I share his love for white. In fact he says: “There are 50 different color shades of white, And you could probably only see them in an empty room.” For John Pawson, architecture is all about reduction. I agree.

(via minimalissimo)

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  1. sweet. 50 shades of white. love it. but clearly there are no kids living there….

  2. while I like minimalist, open houses, they strike me as being very space inefficient.

    why do I need those three tables for the one or two of me?

    do I just stare at the wall? where does the work get done?

    they’re great from an art perspective, but it’s impossible for me to imagine actually living in one.

  3. beautiful.
    i wonder what “unhappy hipsters” would think of this. :P

  4. I first saw jon’s work when he and his wife’s house were featured in MS Living mag years ago. This isn’t his home but a project he did in Germany. His home is very similar.

    Yes he is married with children and his home has public and private areas where he and his family relax. I am sure he makes sure there is a place for everything and sliding walls to minimalize any clutter.

    The book he wrote with his wife is very revealing about how he and his wife (an avid victorian designer) coexist. It is called living and eating. It is worth a read to experience some of his reduction thinking.

  5. Looks like a set from American Psycho. There’s no life in a home like that. Clinical. Dead. Sends a shiver down the spine.

  6. It would be a full time job keeping a house like that pristine if my family moved in.

  7. Wow, minimalist isn’t the word for it, I don’t think I’ve seen a home quite like it!

    I bet it only looks like that when the interviewer/photographer is there … hee hee :)

    Don’t you just feel like throwing a brightly coloured sock on the floor in the middle of it all.

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