Air House by Szczepaniak Teh

I’ll gladly live here: Air House by Szczepaniak Teh.

Casa Klotz

Gasp! German photographer Roland Halbe has taken these photographs of Casa Klotz, a rural beach house in Chile by architect Mathias Klotz.

Gasp! This Modular Space!

I gasped seeing these images of a smartly designed living/working space. It was designed by Italian designer Guglielmo Poletti for his own studio in Milan.

Lushna Cabin

I am dreaming of this Lushna cabin in the woods.

Never Too Small

What a beautiful small space!


A Modern Clinton Hill Brownstone

I gasped at the photos of this Clinton Hill Brownstone. Especially seeing this skylight and the hanging ceiling light. What a beautiful home.

Urban Erosion

I love these graphical photographs titled Urban Erosion by Dutch photographer Maarten Vromans.

Chalets of Switzerland

These photographs of Swiss houses by Patrick Lambertz stopped me in my tracks. Having grown up in Switzerland, this architecture is so deeply familiar and comforting. (The series is called Swiss Chalets, but I disagree, these are not chalets.)


Little Peek

Little Peek, a stunning home fifteen miles from Maine’s mid-coast on the island of Vinalhaven. Designed by Berman Horn Studio.

Ledge House

I am drooling over this house, designed by New York based Architecture studio Desai Chia Architecture. I could lounge here. No problem.

Bowen Island Dream Home

This modern dream of a home on Bowen Island made me gasp for air. Designed by omb.

Site Shack

Need a place to work from during this pandemic? You have a backyard? Site Shack might be just what you’ve been looking for. It is a tiny prefab that sets up anywhere in a space. Site Shack is outfitted with a desk, storage, and wiring.

Quarantine Pod

This seems to be the perfect quarantine pod.


This futuristic looking mini home called Ecocapsule made me gasp. It’s a fully off-grid, smart, self-sustainable micro-unit, powered only by solar and wind energy. It allows you to stay in remote places out of reach of urban networks. It has room for one or two people usable as a cottage, pop-up hotel, caravan, mobile office, research station or anything you want it to be. You can read more here.

Modern Mountain House in Poland

This modern mountain house by Kropka Studio in Poland made me gasp.

This Bedroom

Entire Brooklyn must have heard me gasp just now. This bedroom is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G-! (I assume this is just a rendering?)

Update: Thanks to Christopher I now know that this bedroom is REAL! GAH!

The Exchange by Kengo Kuma

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma designed The Exchange, a multipurpose structure located at Darling Square in Sydney, and housing a library, food hall, restaurants and a day-care facility. Holy giant Swiss cow, this is breathtaking!

Gjøvik House

This house! It’s called the Gjøvik House, situated an hour outside of Oslo, Norway and designed by Norm Architects. Stunning.

House DZ

What a lovely minimalist dwelling, called House DZ, designed by Belgian architecture firm Graux & Baeyens.

Escher-esque Chinese Bookstore

Mirrored ceilings and criss-crossed stairwells give this Chinese bookstore the feeling of an M.C. Escher Woodcut. Wow!

Gigantic Pivoting Door

Gah! This gigantic pivoting door of a modern home in Antwerp made me gasp.

This is Powerful

This light installation in a Scottish coastal town shows future sea levels. This is powerful. And scary.

Plans Matter

Blown away by Plans Matter, a site that lets you find architecturally stunning homes for vacation rentals, as well hotels.

Floating Farmhouse

I am back at the Floating Farmhouse with team CreativeMornings to plan for the new year. Small team off-sites are magical in this place! Tom Givone, the owner, has a beautiful aesthetic. He adds, by taking away. My minimalist heart rejoices.