The 99% Conference

Last year’s 99% conference was hands-down the most inspiring and impressive conference day I have ever attended. With the exception of only one speaker all of the presentations were absolutely fantastic. I can’t remember walking away from a conference with such a positive impression ever before. Other conferences should definitely learn from Behance’s style of getting the speaker to focus on talking on an overall topic. Every speaker was asked to incorporate their views and ideas on how they get things done, how they make sure ideas are being executed. Having this ‘red thread’, as we say in german, throughout each presentation really tied the day together. It forces the presenter to share their work philosophies and go beyond the usual ‘here’s what I’ve done’ spiel.

If there’s one conference I would recommend going to, it’s the 99% in April, here in NYC. Check out the currently confirmed speakers: Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Stefan Sagmeister (Sagmeister Inc) Fred Wilson (Union Square Ventures), Eve Blossom (Lulan Artisans), John Maeda (Rhode Island School of Design) and Jay O’Callahan (Storyteller).

See you April 15-16?

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  1. I guess it’s fitting that 99% of the speakers were so great.

  2. I first heard about the conference, on your site, and I am lucky enough to be able to attend this year. Hope I get the chance to meet you!

  3. I’ll be coming all the way from Switzerland to attend the 99% :).
    The line of speakers is impressive and I hope I’ll have an opportunity to meet you.


  4. Man, I feel bad for the one speaker you didn’t like :/