Polaroid Frames

Slide your photographs in these “Polaroid Frames” and stick ’em to pretty much any metal surface – the fridge, a cabinet, a locker… you get the picture. Fab idea!

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  1. Cool, I (hand)made something like this. It’s now on my fridge.

  2. stupid. take real polaroids. it’s still alive and cooler than fake imitation.

  3. So perfect! I took the photos off my fridge a while ago — photos made the fridge look messy, and fridge-hanging made the lovely photos look terrible. I have tons of printed photos hanging about patiently in boxes waiting for these.

  4. Ooo – these look great but DON’T WORK! I was given a set and was super excited to break them out, but found that only the wide strip at the bottom is magnetic. This means the rest of the frame is not strong enough to keep a picture in the frame. It does works with a small piece of paper though.