BeardMe App

Chris Auyeung and Vijay Mathews, the makers of the BeardMe iPhone App (iTunes link) believe everyone has the right to luxuriant, well-groomed facial hair. BeardMe gives people the chance to put really well-designed, old timey, classy beards and mustaches on themselves and everyone they know. Because really who doesn’t love a Daniel Day-Lewis in “Gangs of New York” mustache on babies or coworkers or pets?! Plus, there really is something about a nice beard or mustache that adds a certain I don’t know what to one’s personality and general outlook on life.

(thank you Anna)

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  1. I downloaded this app. For beard and mustache enthusiasts it IS pretty awesome. : )

  2. Is there one available to hide an already existing ‘stache?

  3. for the follicly challenged who do not have an iphone:

    mustache by way of augmented reality.

    yes and yes please.

  4. Hey. Please make one for the Android. Purty please?