Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones

Wired reviewed the Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones. Oh my, they are so slick. (And yes, pricy!)

(via kevin)

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  1. Well, a couple of weeks ago I got to try those babies out for a spin. A rep of B&W came by to demo them. I completely agree with the review you mentioned. They just sound dope and rest very comfortably on your head.
    Oh yes, try the MM1 PC speakers…

  2. I have owned a few pairs of B&W speakers in the past and have been very happy with them. If it was not for the Devore speakers I have now (thank you Brooklyn) I would still be running them in my system.

    I am going to stop by the Apple Store today and give these a listen. I have never been a fan of rocking over the ear phones in public but if they sound as good as many are saying it may be worth it.

    nice post!

  3. yes, it was worth it.

    Just an update.

  4. Bowers & Wilkins is cool. You can alos taste a ebony wood headphone.