The MoviePeg iPhone Stand is so simple, it’s brilliant!

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  1. Simplicity in itself. Gorgeous.

  2. wait – is that fliquo (or whatever it’s called) for the iphone???

  3. That is SO brilliant that I must have one now!

  4. Do you have a link for fliqlo for the iPhone? I can’t find it online :-/

  5. Loving this! Thanks :) Have linked back.

  6. Erm, this is a really lovely thing, but doesn’t standing it on its end on the table like on the right hand image obscure the speakers?

    Maybe it’s fine, you could connect to external speakers from the minijack, sorry to be so bah humbug….

  7. Yeah, it’s not baaaaad, but have you seen the iBend? I think it’s pretty cool, and it fits in your wallet.

  8. make me smile :) love simplicity. thanks!

  9. I just received a MoviePeg and I have to say it’s a very cool idea. I love the simplicity of MoviePeg and does a great job of functioning as a stand for your iPhone. Just pop it in your pocket and go.