Comparing the 100 Largest Sites on the Internet

Infographic of the Day: Comparing the 100 Largest Sites on the Internet. What types of sites get the most traffic?

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  1. This is a great infographic. It is always interesting to put things in perspective like this. When the graphic breaks down further there are certainly some surprises when you see how much larger some sites are than others that also appear to be quite large. Great find!

  2. Where is the Porn ?

  3. My first thought was the same as the one above – verbatim.

  4. Perhaps “adult” is the euphemism for porn.

  5. Thanks for posting this – really fascinating…I must admit that I thought the ‘adult’ portion would be bigger, too!

  6. 50% of search could be searching for “sex”. But one keyword ranks even higher: “youtube”