Dogs as typefaces

Dogs as Typefaces.

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  1. I got really excited about this post, but I guess I just don’t get it? Is there any reason behind the dogs chosen to go with the specific typeface? I see that verdana is a bit pixelated, and I get the “Bold Extended” part on Eurostile, but I don’t so much get the rest. I want to though as I love dogs and typography.

  2. Helvetica Neue Bold is a German Shepard?

    Don’t tell the Bundesrat ;)

  3. I don’t know but I think some of these are off. The wiener dog one and courier are spot on.

  4. C’mon, the bulldog is obviously Cooper Black. And what, no greyhound?

  5. I would put the Weimaraner to Bodoni…

    But hey, my dog is a Helvetica :)

  6. i think they’re all spot on. bodoni–actually each on of them–makes sense to me.

  7. cute! I have a mini daschund so I’m happy to see him on the list :)

  8. Great fun! What’s my Sheltie??

  9. This is a years old project by the three-man studio grafisches büro from Vienna, Austria. Still great though.

    They’re reworking their portfolio at the moment. The book “postscript” about middle european type-design of the 90ies was designed by them too.

  10. Very cool! What about cats?

  11. What a fun, what about my bernese moutnain dog or as you know is Berner Sennenhund?

  12. C’mon. Fraktur is a doberman. I thought everybody knew that.

  13. ok I have a yorkie-poo and a shih-poo, so since there is poodle in both I would assume a serif typeface for both…hmmn but which one for yorkie and which for shih-tzu?

  14. fantastic – i love all the things you find!

  15. Italian Greyhound??

  16. I don’t get Courier for a Dalmation. Courier is a ubiquitous font that everything defaults to. You see courier everywhere when fonts are missing, it defaults to it. Dalmations aren’t everywhere and ubiquitous.

  17. funny I was doing a logo for my english bulldog and eurostile bold was the exact font I used

  18. Does this mean that a Labradoodle is Comic Sans?

  19. I really don’t get any of these except for Künstler.
    and Fraktur is obviously a Shepard or a Rottweiler.

  20. Maybe they did Courier as a Dalmation, because Courier is like newspaper type, and a Dalmation looks like its printed.

  21. I did this same idea for my final year project in 2008.

  22. Hmm been thinking about this and I reckon slightly improved if The Times was a St Bernard and Helvetica a Labrador. And then a Spaniel for our handwriting.


  24. spudds mackenzie would be Comic Sans — he just wants to party

    Don’t take him seriously, he’ll be offended dude.

  25. fantastica composizione!
    caratteri animaleschi…

    e il lupo (del quale porto il cognome) con quale font lo possiamo rappresentare?!?

  26. Can I ask are these for sale anywhere? These make a great set in the studio with our office dogs!

  27. Wondering where/if I can get this as a print.. Love it!

  28. Love this! Thanks for posting!

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  30. We need a way to vote on which dogs are which fonts. Some of these obvs aren’t resonating very well.

    Interweb distracto democracy!!